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Horrible Game Ad

“I decided to start this blog series to expose the shameful and just plain awful marketing practices some game companies are taking up now a days. Why should we care? Because our industry, and those of us who participate in it, are marginalized by the rest of society. Let’s face it, we gamers and the game industry need as much credibility as we can get in order to turn general opinions around. When game companies engage in shameful advertising, it… Continue

My Crowdfunding Nightmare


 “Making games is hard”. That’s what all the experts and veterans kept writing. “Making a living out of making games is even harder” is what they all keep saying to aspiring dreamers like me and you know what? They are absolutely right. Making games IS hard, harder than i could ever imagine. But why? Because there is a million things that can go wrong with a game’s development, as i learned through the School of Hard Knocks, this is especially… Continue