Looking for artists that love ancient history to work on Tribal Pride.

We need each unit to have a historically accurate character illustration that is 155 pixels wide and 255 pixels tall, with background.

To apply to be in the team of artists, post a comment with any pieces you have done with characters that look as if they are from ancient history. Do not send any other character types as your art will be considered based on your ability to create characters within the theme of the game. Also, post a quote for the work as well.

Artists may only choose and work on one character at a time, with payment disbursed after each completion.

Artists get paid once the piece is done.

Artists will send a rough raw sketch on how they plan to structure the character,its position, body language, etc. Once the sketch gets approved, the artist continues to complete the work. Each piece must be done in layers in order to make tweaking elements within the piece convenient. Once the piece is done and approved, the funds will be disbursed and once they clear the artist will send the PSD file.

Artwork will be displayed here with a link to the artists online gallery, and in return the work should be displayed in said galley with a link to this website.

Payment will be done solely through Google Wallet if within the USA or UK, otherwise it will be done through PayPal.

Updated: October 20, 2015 — 14:27

Screen Shot Saturday: Ellines Vs Kemet


                         Click to zoom in

Each tribe will have the same basic units to start out with. These units mimic the ones in Chess; Infantry move like Pawns, Guards move like Rooks, Infiltrators move like Knights,Navy and Scouts move like Bishops, Hero moves like the Queen and the King piece is a unique piece for that tribe.

Here we see one player using the Ellines and the other using the Kemet. Notice that instead of a King unit, they have unique units instead. Also notice the mouse highlighting one of the Elline Infantry units and the character graphic for that unit being displayed in the Unit Viewer window on the right. A description of the unit’s abilities will also appear here when on the next Screen Shot Saturday.

Updated: October 10, 2015 — 08:36
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