About Biting Dice

This game is a simple gambling dice game. It is an experiment designed to reveal how we manage risk. We tend to take risks that are small but very damaging, such as a traffic ticket or taking our chances with safety at the work place just to get the job done quickly. Because the risk is small, we don’t take it seriously, no matter how big the cost if we were to lose. We constantly choose small rewards like getting to our destination or complete the job a few minutes faster with a small potential to lose big than the other way around, like the typical gambling game.

It seems that we prefer to either win small with a small risk to lose big or win big with a big chance of losing small.

Biting Dice rewards players small amounts with a small chance that they will lose big time.

A Player puts $100 into the pool and rolls the dice. If they don’t roll a 2, then the player collects one penny. If the player does roll a 2, then they get “bitten” and lose their $100.

These values are merely introductory. I’m sure many iterations will follow until it’s just right.

Updated: April 30, 2016 — 06:00


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