About Into the DUNGEON!


An imposing monstrous face is carved out of a mountain side, its dull but pointed teeth frame the gaping mouth that stands as an entrance to a cavern. Above its forehead reads:

‘We do what we must.’

An unknown luminescent force emanates from the eyes that seemingly look down upon any potential victim that stands in awe, foolish or brave enough to contemplate whether entering the abyss before them is a good idea.

An obese and lonely figure stands in front of it musing over that same dilemma. The left hand holds up a torch, the eyes are temporarily transfixed upon the monster mouth, in the other hand holding what it looks like to be some sort of mighty weapon, perhaps a spear…

…alas, it is merely a shovel.


What is it?

Into the DUNGEON! will be a relaxing turn based RPG full of easy dungeons, fun joyful times, fulfilled power fantasies and happy endings. Enter a world where success is guaranteed, justice is served and love conquers all.


Updated: April 24, 2016 — 10:48


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