About War Pool

This is a billiards variant that plays nothing like a billiards or pool.

First, the Cue ball is taken out. Then the players divide the balls between Solids and Stripes on each side of the table. The player that goes first uses Stripes and the one that goes second uses Solids.

Players take their turns placing one ball anywhere on their side of the table. When done, players then take turns hitting their own balls to knock the opponent’s into the pockets. There are no extra turns for doing so. Every player gets just one shot for one turn.


War Pool turns ordinary billiards into a much deeper strategic game that combines physical and mental performance. It is also more engaging to watch as there will never be endless turns.

There are still minor rules to hammer out, but I will take care of that once I begin development.

Updated: April 30, 2016 — 06:04


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