What is LUTOPiA game Company?

LUTOPiA game Company is a game company that creates games for the purpose of improving our society and our world.
It was established in May 9th, 2010 by Luis Raul Blondet. Lutopia is a word that derives from the words “Ludus” and “Eutopia“, hinting that games can make our world a better place. Games should be used to influence and educate players, then in turn those players will improve society and our world.

This website will be used as a hub of communication to the public. We will also write articles that are not related to our company in the form of commentary of the game industry, news, events and products as a way to illustrate our vision of game design.

We believe in reciprocating or giving due credit to people that help us directly or indirectly as an act of gratitude. Visitors to this website will see links to developers of various software products we are using to run our website and leaving said links were readers can see and click them is done deliberately. We will not do this with products we pay the full price set by the seller since no additional gratitude will be due at that point. We will practice this philosophy of reciprocation and gratitude in all projects, products and services we create.


                                                                                                                                 – Luis Raul Blondet, Founder

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