Ludo (game) + Utopia (an ideal place) = LUTOPiA (a better world through games) There, mystery solved!

This company was created in 2010 with the sole purpose of using the power of gamecraft to create better Humans, and thus, a better world, hence “a better world through games”.

My name is Luis Raul Blondet Montalvo and I am its founder.

“How would you even make a better world through games?”

Well, in order to turn games into a positive catalyst for change, they must do more than waste the player’s time and be designed to be something else beside’s being an addictive force.

There are four design elements that can change this:

Stimulation – This is the most popular element we find in game design today. It is used to keep a player engaged or “hooked” on the game so they can play it for the longest amount of time possible, but this element is also misused to make the game into an addiction and a way to profit from it. However, stimulation can also be used to greater purposes if applied correctly. Stimulation is necessary to alleviate boredom, and thus it must be the foundation for any game.

Education – All games educate their players on something, as insignificant as it may be, but we do not see very many games or developers intentionally designing games for this purpose. Because games are much more immersive than any other media, they can be the best method for educating players about any topic there is and help the players retain the lessons as well.

Training – Much like education, games can be the best method to teach and develop skills because of its interactive nature.

Gaining – Gaining has to do with the things a player gains from playing a game and these things can be as immaterial as experiences or as material as prizes from tournaments or competitions. It is a direct way to keep a game from wasting a player’s time if it gives the player enough to gain from playing.

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