Tribal Pride update 1


This is the chess board for the new version of Tribal Pride. As i stated before, this new version will be like Chess in the sense that you will have game pieces on a checkered board and each type of piece moves differently, but that is were the similarity ends. You will be able to collect pieces that move differently and have different abilities and traits. This game will be free to play, but have microtransactions in the form of paying to make trades or to get more storage. You will not be able to buy power or time.

I am committed to make the pieces as balanced as possible and avoid having useless pieces, but i will need the help of the community for this. I will also give all the pieces the same frequency as to avoid rarehording. Balance and competitive integrity is the most important thing to me as i want to grow a thriving tournament scene. I am also committed in the historical accuracy of the elements of the game that are outside of gameplay.

Right now you will get one random piece a day, but i plan on creating  other ways to acquire them. You won’t be able to just buy game pieces with money.

Artist: Colleen Delzer

Updated: August 17, 2015 — 01:37


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