This was the Will Power Page. Will Power was the premium currency you could buy with real money and then spend here.
These renewable resources would regenerate over time for free, but you could fill them here with Will Power Points:

-Motivation was Energy, a resource you spent on taking actions in the game.

-Force was a resource that determined how many time you cold attack another player.

-Spirits was the health or hitpoints. It determines how much damage you can take before you are disabled fro 24 hours if it would reach 0.

Tribe Points was just another name for stat points you could spend boosting your stats such as Attack and Defense.

Tribal Leaders were just a computer operated alliance member used to artificially increase your ally count. This will help you fulfill certain missions that required certain number of allies.

Wealth was the free currency of the game which you could get by doing missions or winning a fight against another player.

Relocate was a feature that changed your player ID. This was beneficial because in this version of the game you could only attack a player if you could go to their tribe profile. In order to find players to attack you would either click their names on the leaderboards or have one of their allies tell you in secret or finding your name the newsfeed of the profile of another player. Since every time you are attacked or attack another player, your name will appear in the defender’s newsfeed, the more you attack or are attacked, the more chances that someone will find your player ID, hence the more likely it is that you are attacked by other players.

Reorganize tribe was just another name to reset your assigned stats.

Reset tribe started you from the very beginning, erased all your accomplishments and let you chose another tribe.


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